Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Submachine gun design for planetside 2. Apparently they had considered introducing player made content at some point so I thought I would give it a go. Below you can find WIPs at different stages of the design, with the final at the top.

At this stage I had a design I was happy with and honed a few of the details in a paintover stage, giving it texture and weathering. There are a few little niggly things I might change yet, the front handle has a little notch poking backwards that I might remove. The magazine is also quite large as I didn't know what calibre ammunition would be used in SMGs in Planetside so I just stuck to the default size, I might replace it with the new SMG calibre that was introduced recently.

The ergonomics of the initial design were way off, being far to long with the fixed butt-stock... so I added an adjustable stock and shortened it quite a bit. I also lengthened the handle/ sight bar quite a bit to carry along the entire body, which I felt instantly made the silo much stronger. Above is a render test of the design from a few angles.

This was the original design. Did the side concept stage in a lunchtime or two. Then took it home after work and modelled it up.

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